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Hey there! :D these are the rules so far for Alley fights for Thieves Guild members, and others once they are working correctly that is :) They seem to be working so far and some people are getting use to the abilities, which is very good to know, I am continuing to work on them. :D

Fighting Order
A fight is carried out in a particular way, begining with rolling initiative, through to wounding. This chart shows how the order is carried out and in which order things are done.

Emote Ability Roll Init. Init. Winners
Action first
Init. Winner
Second Person
armour roll.
  >      \/
Init. Winner
Second Person
Second Person
Init. Winner
armour roll.
 >  \/
Second Person
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Each combatant rolls D6
Highest roll hits first
In the event of a draw, both fighters strike simultaneously without an armour save

Initiative Modifiers
Dwarves -1
Elves +1

Attack strength is Level x2 +25
Combatant must roll equal to or under on a D100
Attacks always miss on a roll of 95-100
The Attack roll is capped at Level 20, for example a Level 24 will have an attack of 65.

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Attack roll 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 41 43 45 47 49 51 53 55 57 59 61 63 65

Armour Save
Armour is based on the skills as a thief at moving fast and being agile
Armour saves are made with a D20, equal or below their value.

Guild level Armour Save

Armour Modifiers
Dwarves +1
Elves -1

Wounds are based on the characters experience in the world therefore:-

Wounds =
    2         rounded down

Level 1 2/3 4/5 6/7 8/9 10/11 12/13 14/15 16/17 18/19 20/21
Wounds 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Thief abilties
Being thieves there are obvious bonuses to this type of fighting, each has a different effect on the rolls or extra attacks.

Each Thief calls out which they wish to do if any, it is called before the initiative is rolled, the winner of the roll uses their ability, the others have been to slow to use theirs. The best way to carry this out is to emote it out eg.

em gets ready to parry the next blow         (+2 save, -10 attack)
em is prepared to feint the next attack blow         (+1 save)
em falls back slightly, opens a small vile and coats his blade in poison         (autowound, -1 initiative)
em tries to fade into the surrounding shadows         (+15 attack)
em hides his dagger within the folds of his cloak         (2 attacks, -10 attack to each attack)
em prepares a small throwing dagger in his hand         (+1 initiative, -15 attack, -1 save for target)
em prepares to lunge and disarm his opponents weapon         (-15 attack for opponent this round)

Ability Modifier Min lvl for ability
Feint +1 save 3
Throwing Dagger +1 initiative, -15 attack, -1 save for target 4
Parry +2 save, -10 attack 6
Hide +15 to attack 7
Poisoned blade one autowound, -1 initiative 11
Concealed weapon 2 attacks, -10 attack to each attack 13
First Strike Auto-win intiative, opponent still uses chosen skill 16
Disarm Opponent suffers from -15 attack this round 18

Weapon usage for Thieves
Different weapon types will incure different bonus' or penalties as follows:-

Held Weapon Modifier
Two-handed weapons +5 attack
Short swords only (includes scimitars, khopesh's etc, one hand still empty) +10 attack
Dagger only (one empty hand) +5 attack
Twin Daggers +10 attack
Lance -15 attack
Two-handed weapons -2 save
Shield (not a thiefly item and only incumbers the thief in a fight) -1 save
Short sword and dagger +1 save
Flails (includes morning stars) +1 save

Any weapons not mentioned here offer no penalties or bonus' untill further updated.

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