The Thieves Guild

Thieves Combined Sub-Guild

Welcome friend to the sub-guild of the Thieves Combined. From here you can learn the ways to create a hopefully lasting kindship with another member of the city, utilising both your thief skills and the skills of your partner. With a fellow citizen at your side you might be able to take on more and gain from the exp of the other and create new tactics between you, perhaps also opening new items to customise yourself to work with your colleague.

Levels will be of no matter, infact the younger the better, as you will be able to learn together and progress mutually. The way I intend for this to work will be that between the two intended parties and their respective GMs, the decision shall be made to combine a kindship, perhaps through a small ritual. After which titles shall be changed and the two shall be sworn to aid and work together.

A full list of kins will be posted here for people to see.

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