The Thieves Guild

Welcome to the guildhall of the Thieves. Within these very halls many have passed, some have done well, others have left no trace. Your goal as a thief is to leave your mark, be it with friends of fortune or deeds of remberance to others.
I have also the listed tools of the trade and, what I think my GLs might agree, can be counted as acceptable "in character" items and armours. I know this will cause disagreements but hey, I'm up for it :D

The Thieves Guild is one of the oldest and most well established within the city of Wolfhold. It came into being long ago, when nothing but street urchins ran around and beggars hasseled the public. It was foreseen that things needed "controlling", it was here when the mayor of the city took it into his own hands to create the guild, thinking it was best under some control rather than none. With the orignal building up and running in the west of the lower quarter, he soon realised that it was becoming more of a collection of no-ones, and these people trusted no real leaders. The mayor classed these people lower than the skaven of the nest below.
So after some years of perpetual lazyness of the cities scum, he decided to give it another go. This time moving the Guildhall to the Old Cities Hall in the east lower quarter. This time no mistake would be made. Once the guild was opened it was realised that it was little known due to the existence of the other. This worked to his advantage as he was able to select it's members, and only the "good and honest" thief would be allowed access to it's secrets beyond.
The Guild, now opened and the Guild Master and First Guild Leutenant selected, all began to settle in and work as the Mayor saw fit, little did he know that the thieves guild was subdividing more out of his control. The assassins being paid for death, the rogues young, charming and gentlmenly, and the general beggars of the streets. Whether this was a good idea only time would tell. New thinking has also led to ideas were thieves could be paired or combined with other classes, allowing closer working and reliablity, as sort of team pairing, where skills can be combined for powerful teams.

The new guild was considered "clean" and what the Mayor didn't know, didn't bother him. For the Guilds records a tome was created for the use of noting down the many thieves who passed through, and the few well trusted friends who had helped them at any time. Over time this record became known as The Slate, due to it's notibility to never seem to wear or age like rock.


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