The Thieves Guild

Wolfhold is a great city, pronouced more by the wilderness surrounding it. It has become a large trade centre for miles around, catering for travellers and adventurers alike. The wide variety of areas, allow for the city to stock some more of the more exotic supplies not found in some places.

Here a couple of my updated maps from the city itself, what I have added are the road names and the locations for the sewers entrances along with guilds and possible places for items spawning.

This map is the sewers, from Shalins website, what I've included are the places where the exits lead to the city. This is almost a must for a needy thief or sneaky fighter ;)

The Sewers Level 1

These maps are rather large and include all of the city. Be warned, they may be slow loading, I am unsure at the moment how long it takes, they are jpgs on an HTML page and perhaps the colours are a little diluted on saving, if you are unable to read any don't hesitate to ask. Goodluck with it, after completing the upper and middle quarter road names I am now reasonable proficient at finding almost anything. :D

Upper Wolfenburg

Middle Wolfenburg

Lower Wolfenburg

another map?