The Thieves Guild

Welcome to the Guild of Thieves. Here I have tried to create a decent place for information regarding the guildhall. There are other sites for other classes and people, so why not try their sites too.

Within the city is a structure that can only be described as organised. The existance of the Thieves Guild proves this, it's members aren't secret, and help to regulate unwanted theft.

Within this site I have tried to include things usefull to thieves young and old, aswell some little bits for the odd player in other classes who may decide that sneak tactics are sometimes usefull. Try the young apprentices' section for little things of knowledge learnt by myself and others.

I will standby most peoples rights of not giving anything too important away as this can only spoil the learning of a great city. Although I have included a couple of maps for the city, which I customised early on to get around by.

As the guild grows, more becomes needed to keep minds occupied and reflexes tested. Here are the Thieves Guild Games, the date of which is unset, but these are the ideas for now. They come at intervals when enough thieves are in the city to participate.