The Thieves Guild

 Okay, welcome to the Young Apprentices page, from here you will see the first time you enter Wolfenburg, and perhaps some useful little things to get you on your way. The first thing to make note of upon first setting foot in Wolfenburg is the wait for the code, trust me this is the most trying part at first. Some give up and leave straight away, others are patient and will succeed and go far. The second thing to note is the people around you, they are the reason for roleplay, without them as friends you can try it alone, but with them you can create a very good atmosphere to which enjoy the game. Commands such as bows and wavey , will get peoples attention and hopefully begin some friendships. Using help communication will show you some useful ways of talking, while the help will show you much more you might need to know.

 After getting aquainted with anyone nearby, it's time to begin to learn some of the useful things of the world. Go north three times to greet Thomas Shore, then head east and south-east. From here each direction will lead you too a different technique for interacting with the world of Wolfenburg. One room desribes the fighting and training area which from where the tutor stands lies south, north-west, west, north, north, west, down. Once there pass the gaurds and start to train yourself in fighting. Each creature will reward you with useful experience and gold for new weapons and armours. Be sure to pick up any treasure before someone dares to come along and steal it.

 Once these basic rooms have been completed, there are more to do and gain experience from. If you head from recall center north five times, then east twice. You will have yet more rooms to learn from to the north, south and east of you.

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